Welcome to my New Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog, Right Persuasions. My name is Bev and I am an older single woman of color who finally left the Democrat plantation in 2006 after being stuck there for over 30 years. I use to identify with liberalism as the historical vehicle that allowed me a person of color equal opportunity. Race had an overriding importance to me for so long, but not anymore. I am a Christian first. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Today I live by and through Christ. I came  to see that liberalism does little to support biblical principles, and continued to cast me as a victim, which personally is not true.  I saw increasingly those of the liberal left persuasion excoriating, disparaging and rejecting Christ. Therefore, I stopped aligning myself with the liberal left.

You might be wondering what  catalysts are responsible for my going conservative. Well,  back in 2005, I watched part of the Vanguard II on c-span. It was  a panel of conservative blacks discussing  their conservatism. At that time, I only recognized Joseph C. Phillips who played Denise’s husband on the old Bill Cosby show and the author Shelby Steele  on the panel. I found myself agreeing with Mr. Phillips and the other panelists on matters of personal responsibility.

Sometime later, I came across a blog by  black conservative, La Shawn Barber, which I started reading  to see what made a black conservative tick. I later realized that she was one of the panelists of the Vanguard II. Ms. Barber’s blog back then concentrated on politics and culture.  I found myself agreeing with her more and more. Through her postings on Christians and their political alignments, I was convicted of being  on the wrong side with the liberal left. I started reading and listening to conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Walter Williams. I saw these people and other conservatives in a brand new light.

Right Cogency is a continuation of  my old blog, Conservative Minority. Please visit there and travel through the archives.  This new blog will deal offerings of the  political, cultural, personal, faith, and my then and now views in contrast. I will be blogging mostly 4 to 5 times a week. My Sunday posts will usually consist of music from diverse Christian music artists with related scripture. I can be critical, but I am not into personal attacks. I believe in dealing with the issues, not making fun of the opposing person’s physical appearance or insulting members of their family. In disagreeing and calling out what I see,  I am not hating as a few have accused me of on my former blog.  I welcome your comments and opinions whether they are in agreement or go against my right-sided views. I do ask that you please refrain from cursing and other vulgarities, and respond with dignified maturity. Be sure to check out my twitter feed  in the sidebar for various headlines of interest.  Well here’s to a new avenue of blogging.


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